Arctic Tern consultants occasionally appear in the media commenting on Arctic policy, business developments, and macro trends. Below are select articles, media appearances, and publications. 

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Is the Arctic an Emerging Market?
Arctic Yearbook, November 2018

"Comparison of Arctic and Amazon Regional Governance Mechanisms"
Polar Geography, March 2017


“U.S. Coast Guard Awards Contract for New Polar Class Icebreaker”
High North News, April 30 2019

"Shipping titan Maersk sends company’s first container ship to test trans-Arctic trade route"
KTOO, August 23 2018

"Maersk sends first boxship along the Northern Sea Route" 
Splash 24/7, August 21 2018

"In Race for Arctic Resources, China Sets Sights on Greenland"
 Bloomberg News, April 10 2018

"Arctic Shipping Grows as Ice Melts
Global Journalist (TV), November 22 2017

"The Icebreaker Gap
Politico, September 1 2015

"The U.S. Icebreaker Gap is About Arctic Needs, Not About Chasing Russia"
New York Times, September 1 2015

News Articles:

Alaska, Canadian Arctic Among World’s Most Attractive Mining Regions
High North News, March 12 2019

Trump, Congress earmark 675 million USD for icebreaker program in major move
High North News, February 27 2019

"The Arctic scores high on annual mining attractiveness survey
High North News, February 28 2018 

"The US Arctic in Trump’s 2019 Budget Proposal
High North News, February 23 2018 

"Make Alaska and its Petroleum Great Again?
The Arctic Institute, January 09 2018 

"Trump’s National Security Strategy mentions the Arctic, but not climate change
High North News, December 22 2017

"An economy waiting to be relaunched
About Energy, October 04 2017

"US Coast Guard awards $20 million in icebreaker design contracts
High North News, September 03 2017

"Construction Begins on Russian Navy’s First Arctic Patrol Ship"
High North News, April 28 2017 

"US Army Decides to Keep its Arctic Paratroopers at Full Strength"
High North News, April 24 2017

"China to start construction on new icebreaker"
High North News, November 8 2016

"Russia to build new class of Arctic offshore patrol ships"
High North News, September 5 2016

"US Senate moves towards fully funding a new icebreaker"
High North News, May 26 2016

"US Must Invest in a New Generation of Polar Icebreakers"
The Seattle Times, April 13, 2016

"A Closer Look at the US Coast Guard’s New Icebreaker Requirements"
High North News, January 26 2016 


"Don’t stop with Puerto Rico, Trump should waive the Jones Act for Alaska too"
Anchorage Daily News, March 19 2018

"Designate the 9th National Security Cutter an Arctic Flagship
The Arctic Institute, April 4 2016


"Law of the Sea: A Policy Primer"
The Fletcher School, Maritime Studies Department, July 24 2017